Royal Television Society WINNERS!

Move over Steven Spielberg… Year 5/6EB have just won the Royal Television Society Youth Media award for their powerful anti-bullying film – The Mask!

Katie, Harry, George, Giacamo, and Mariya attended the film premiere awards ceremony on Tuesday evening and were presented with their award by children’s TV actress, Rachel Teate of Wolfblood and The Dumping Ground fame. The judges described the film as ‘powerful, poignant and outstanding!’

The whole class were involved in planning, producing, creating and editing the film. I’m sure you will agree that they very much deserve this amazing achievement!

Next year kids…an Oscar?


Puppetry – the Process

Having made our sock puppets, we have taken to learning the performance element of puppetry. Take a look at some of the stages we have worked through so far…

1. Becoming acquainted with the story of the Tempest and it’s central characters – Prospero, Miranda, Ariel, Caliban, Alonso, Antonio, Ferdinand, Trinculo and Stefano…


2. Planning and inventing our own ‘short scene’ scripts.


3. Warming up:  Puppetry Hand Exercises


4. Warm Ups: Re-enacting everyday conversations


5. Practising our performances using mini-puppet theatres

DSC07101  DSC07094

6. Performing our puppet shows outside in the lovely sunshine. Mr Cowen’s class critiqued our initial shows.


Happy 450th Birthday Shakespeare!

Just at the right time for 5/6EB’s new topic!

Celebrations are taking place across the country to mark the 450th birthday of William Shakespeare on 23 April.


He is considered by many to be one of the world’s greatest writers.

Shakespeare was born in 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon in England.

He became famous for his plays, such as The Tempest, Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet. They are still performed and studied around the world today.

Shakespeare is also credited with inventing thousands of words we use today, such as ‘horrid’ and ‘swagger’.

Take a look at this Newsround report below about Shakespeare and his legacy.

Also keep an eye on our class blog to see our future topic work on Shakespeare’s play ‘The Tempest!’


Happy Earth Day – NASA’s ‘Global Selfie’ Campaign

Year 5/6 joined in this year’s celebration of Earth Day by taking part in NASA’s online Global Selfie campaign.


While Nasa satellites capture new images of Earth from space every second, the agency are trying to create an image of the planet from the ground using portraits of the people on Earth. Once the pictures stream around the world on Earth Day on social media, with the hashtag #GlobalSelfie, they will be used to create a mosaic.The crowd-sourced collection of images will be used to create a giant, unique insight into life on the Blue Marble.

IMG_7673  IMG_7681